Yet another 64 bit version of exGENT (Gentoo) live is ready!

GentooI’ve made a third version of exGENT 2013. Now with LXDE and kernel 3.11.1-gentoo-exton. (’s latest!). Version 130926 is for the 64 bit architecture. I’ve kept my two previous versions 20130423 and 20130415 on

MeX 13.10 64 bit Linux - for those who are impatient...

MeX logoThe system is a remaster of upcoming Ubuntu 13.10 - codenamed "Saucy Salamander", not yet released. The original system includes the Desktop Environment Unity 7.1 (Ubuntu).

LFA (Linux For All) 13.04 64bit with Mate and five other Desktop Environments

The system is a remaster of Ubuntu 13.04 - codenamed "Raring Ringtail", released on April 25, 2013. The original system includes the Desktop Environment Unity 7.0 (Ubuntu).

Install the latest kernel (3.11) for Ubuntu/Debian 64 bit systems

TuxI have compiled yet another Ubuntu/Debian kernel for 64 bit systems. This time kernel 3.11.0-7-exton, equivalent to’s latest kernel 3.11, released 130902.

Feature OVERVIEW for the Linux 3.11 kernel

Run latest Slackware 64 bit with latest KDE version and kernel!

I’ve made a new version of SlackEX 14.0 Linux Live DVD (Slackware 14.0).

Run your Slackware 64 bit system with the latest kernel – 3.10.10!

SlackwareI have compiled a very useful (as I think) 64 bit kernel for Slackware 12.0 – 14.0 and/or all Slackware derivatives.

LINUX.EXTON.NET in new shape

This is my new site. All content is in English. All exton Linux distributions can be downloaded from The Swedish Linux Society server (as before). My old Swedish site can still be reached at


Yet another version of Exton|Defender fc19

[Originally posted on LINUX.EXTON.NET 130728]

NEWS 130728 about Exton|Defender fc19

A new version of Exton|Defender fc19 with Flash, Vlc and multimedia codecs

A new version (130721) of Exton|Defender Super Rescue System (SRS)


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