A new version of Exton|Defender Super Rescue System (SRS)

Yet another 64 bit version of exGENT (Gentoo)!

GentooNEWS 20131129
I’ve made yet a new version (20131129) of exGENT 2013. This time for the 64 bit architecture. The new version (131129 of 990 MB) uses LXDE as Desktop environment.

MeX Linux 64 bit – now with KDE 4.11.3 and kernel 3.12.1 (latest)

MeX LinuxNEWS 131127
I have upgraded all installed packages to latest version and changed kernel to 3.12.0-3-exton. (Kernel.org’s latest kernel 3.12.1).

A new version of EXTON OpSuS (openSUSE) is ready!

openSUSEEXTON OpSuS 13.1 KDE is based on openSUSE 13.1, released 20131119. EXTON OpSuS KDE uses kernel 3.11.6 and KDE 4.11.3.

Run your Slackware 64 bit system with the latest kernel – 3.12.1!

SlackwareI have compiled a very useful (as I think) 64 bit kernel for Slackware 12.0 – 14.1 and/or all Slackware derivatives.

LFA (Linux For All) 13.10 64 bit with Mate and four other Desktop Environments

The system is a remaster of Ubuntu 13.10 – codenamed Saucy Salamander, released on October 17, 2013. The original system includes the Desktop Environment Unity 7.1 (Ubuntu).

A new version of EXTON Linux MultibootCD 6-OS is ready!

A new version of EXTON Linux MultibootCD 6-OS is ready. Changes: New (latest) versions of Slax, Puppy Linux, 4MLinux, Tiny Core and SliTaz. I have replaced Parted Magic with GParted.

Install the latest stable kernel (3.12) for Ubuntu/Debian 64 bit systems

TuxI have compiled yet another Ubuntu/Debian kernel for 64 bit systems. This time kernel 3.12.0-2-exton, equivalent to Kernel.org’s latest STABLE kernel 3.12, released 131103.

Feature OVERVIEW for the Linux 3.12 kernel

SlackEX live is now based on Slackware 14.1, released 131107

SlackwareI’ve made a new version of SlackEX Linux Live DVD based on Slackware 14.1, released 131107.

Yet another version of “The Ultimate Linux System”!

ExTiXNEWS 131109
ExTiX 13
is now based on Ubuntu 13.10, released 131017. I’ve replaced Unity with Gnome 3.10 (latest version, not yet in Ubuntu’s official repositories). Used kernel in version 131109 of ExTiX 13: “My” special kernel 3.12.0-2-exton (Kernel.org’s latest STABLE kernel 3.12) with support for “extra everything”.


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