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  1. Hello. I installed Exton Mate 64 bit OS on my PC but I can not have a network connection. On this PC when I install Knoppix, Linux Mint, Ubuntu (Lubuntu, Xubuntu) I get an automatically with DHCP network connection connected to an Orange Livebox. I tried with wicd to log in Static IP but it does not. What can I do ? Thank you.
    I am French and my English is very bad. I use Google to translate my English into French.

    • You’ll have to configure Wicd properly. Change interface from (for example) eth0 and wlan0 to eth1 and wlan1 and then push the button Refresh.

  2. Finally ! The network connection works. In Wicd you should not write eth0 or eth1 but enp4s9! Very surprising!
    The interface is in English, so I chose French during installation. How have it in French now. Thanks.

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