NEWS ABOUT PuppEX Bookworm64 Build 220807
My new Puppy Linux derivative is built using the Bookworm Build Script. It is compatible with Debian Bookworm – upcoming Debian 12. This version of PuppEX uses Tint2 as Desktop environment (DE). It is for UEFI computers and non-UEFI computers. This PuppEX version runs very well in VirtualBox/VMware. You can run it in full screen in VirtualBox, since VirtualBox Guest Additions are pre-installed. Watch this screenshot…

Debian 12
Compatible with Debian 12
means that you can use the apt command. (apt update, apt upgrade, apt install MyUsefulPackage etc) and Synaptic for installing thousands of new Debian packages in PuppEX. All PuppEX Bookworm64 versions can easily be installed manually to hard drive if you have at least one Linux system installed. You must also use Grub as boot loader. Read more about how to do that at the INFO site.

1. PuppEX Bookworm64 running in full screen in VirtualBox
2. Connection to a wireless network
3. root’s desktop – Tint2
4. puppy’s desktop – Tint2
5. Using CIFS to reach Windows shares

READ MORE or download the ISO right away from the Swedish Linux Society’s server…

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