ABOUT PuppEX Focal Build 201119
My newest Puppy derivative is built from Puppy Linux 9.5 FossaPup64. I have added Firefox (for Netflix), Spotify, PCManFM, LXterminal and many development tools. I have also compiled a new kernel – 5.7.19-exton. Furthermore I have installed Nvidia’s Proprietary Graphics driver 450.80.02. The Nvidia driver will be used if your computer/card is “good/modern” enough. If not automatically just open up a terminal and run the command nvidia-xconfig. Then restart X.

PuppEX Focal64 is compatible with Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) LTS, which means that Ubuntu packages for Ubuntu 20.04 can be installed and used in PuppEX. The PuppEX Focal64 ISO is of 1020 MB.

Puppy Fossapup64 original is of only 409 MB. PuppEX Focal64 is despite this still running as fast as the original, which means it runs very, very fast compared to most other Linux systems. (Puppy/PuppEX runs from RAM).

Study ALL installed packages in PuppEX Focal64

Screenshot of PuppEX Focal’s Desktop
Screenshot showing the live boot screen
Screenshot showing a Samba connection
Screenshot showing a Wifi connection

Your first PuppEX Focal64 Desktop after boot (if you have an Nvidia card)


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