LFS EXTON Linux live DVD/USB is built using Linux From Scratch 10.1 and Beyond Linux From Scratch 10.1 (BLFS) , which has the latest Linux packages and scripts.

NEWS 210706
I finally made Refracta Installer to work in LFS EXTON! Now you can install LFS EXTON to hard drive like any other Linux distribution. Just start Refracta Installer from the menu and follow the instructions. Watch this screenshot.
NOTE: You should create the install partition in advance. Use GParted for that.

LXDE and LightDM
LFS EXTON uses LXDE as Desktop environment. LXDE is designed to be user friendly and slim, while keeping the resource usage low. LFS EXTON has all the tools needed for you to go on and install other Desktop environments or whatever you like (after a hard drive installation of LFS EXTON).

Build your own Linux system
You can also just use LFS EXTON Live DVD/USB as build environment when building your own Linux system from scratch. That can be done in VirtualBox in full screen since VirtualBox Guest Additions are pre-installed.

Install to hard drive
Please read my instructions.

LFS EXTON uses my “special” kernel 5.12.8-exton. You can of course compile you own LFS kernel if you want.

Run it fast!

The system is quite fast and responsive. You can run LFS EXTON live super fast from RAM. When the boot process is ready you can eject the DVD or USB stick – screenshot. Use Boot alternative 2 or Advanced options… >> load to RAM. Watch the live boot screen below.


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