About DebEX Barebone Budgie/Enlightenment, DebEX Gnome and DebEX KDE Plasma Linux 64 bit
All three systems/distributions are a based on Debian Buster (10) and Debian Bullseye/Sid (upcoming Debian 11). Budgie Desktop 10.5 and Enlightenment 0.23.1 are used as Desktop environments in DebEX Barebone/Budgie/Enlightenment. Gnome 3.30 is used in DebEX Gnome. KDE Plasma Desktop 5:14 is used in DebEX KDE. The system language is English (in all three versions of DebEX).

NEWS 200618 about DebEX Budgie/Enlightenment – a Refracta Build
A new version of DebEX Barebone with Budgie Desktop 10.5, Enlightenment 0.23.1 and kernel 5.7.2-exton (equivalent to Kernel.org’s second latest kernel 5.7.2) is ready. All packages have been updated to the latest version as of June 18, 2020. DebEX Barebone is now based on Debian Buster (Debian 10.4). I have installed Nvidia‘s latest proprietary Graphics driver 440.82. It will automatically be used if your computer has support for it.

Most important Changes
I’ve added Enlightenment 0.23.1 as an extra Desktop environment. That makes this version of DebEX unique, since there is no other live distro with Enlightenment 0.23.1 installed. Version 0.23.1 (released 190926) is not yet included in Debian’s repositories. I’ve thus installed Enlightenment 0.23.1 from source. The ISO is of only 1520 MB, which makes it easy to run the system live from RAM. That ability allows DebEX Budgie/Enlightenment to be very fast, since reading and writing data from/to RAM is much faster than on a hard disk drive. You can use the Calamares 3.2.4-3 Installer Framework to install DebEX Budgie/Enlightenment to your computer in any language. You can even use Calamares in VirtualBox and VMware – i.e. non-efi computers. Watch this animated GIF. NOTE also: When starting up DebEX Budgie/Enlightenment and entering the Enlightenment 0.23.1 Desktop you will get an error message as this screenshot shows. The error is fixed by running the following commands: chmod 777 .cache/efreet and sudo chmod 777 /root/.cache/efreet. After installing DebEX to hard drive you won’t get any error messages.

1. The Budgie Desktop for the ordinary user user
2. The Budgie Desktop for root
3. The Enlightenment Desktop for user user
4. The Boot menu when running DebEX live
5. The Boot menu when running DebEX from hard drive
6. The Enlightenment Desktop for root
7. A Samba connection in DebEX Budgie/Enlightenment


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