NEWS 210106 ABOUT ExTiX Deepin 21.1
I’ve uploaded a new extra version of ExTiX Deepin, which has VirtualBox Guest Additions pre-installed. With those installed you can run ExTiX in full screen in VirtualBox. The additions couldn’t be installed while using kernel 5.10.4-exton. I had to install Deepin’s original kernel 5.4.50-amd64-desktop. In version 210106 I’ve also included Refracta Installer. Use it in VirtualBox if you want an exact copy of ExTiX Deepin installed. Before starting Refracta Installer you should run the commands sudo apt update followed by sudo apt install grub-pc. When asked install Grub in MBR. Watch a screenshot showing when the installation is ready.

NEWS 210103 ABOUT ExTiX Deepin
I’ve released a new version of ExTiX Deepin today (210103). This ExTiX Build is based on Deepin 20.1 released by Deepin Technology 201230.


1. You can run ExTiX from RAM. Use boot alternative 2 (load to RAM) or Advanced. A wonderful way to run Linux if you have enough RAM. Everything will be super fast. When ExTiX has booted up you can remove the DVD or USB stick.
2. You will have the opportunity to choose language before you enter the Deepin 20.1 Desktop. All main languages are supported.
3. I have replaced Deepin Installer with the Reborn version of Deepin Installer. Works better in every way.
4. I have replaced kernel 5.9.1-exton with kernel 5.10.4-exton. Corresponding the latest available stable kernel 5.10.4 from
5. Spotify and Skype are pre-installed.
6. You can watch Netflix while running Firefox.
7. You can install ExTiX Deepin also in VirtualBox/VMware using Deepin Installer. (In previous versions you had to “chroot” into the install partition and install Grub).
8. As an alternative to Apt you can use the Cactus Package Manager. Example commands: cpm i mousepad and cpm s gimp. (Install Mousepad and search for Gimp). CPM works very well.
9. Install ExTiX to a USB stick preferably with Rufus 3.13 in Windows.

I may add that there is no other live version of Deepin 20.1.

1. ExTiX Deepin 21.1 Desktop
2. Spotify is running
3. YouTube is running
4. ExTiX showing a Samba connection to a Windows computer
5. ExTiX Build 210106 running in full screen in VirtualBox (after VirtualBox Guest Additions have been installed)


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