RaspAnd 10 for Raspberry Pi 4, Pi 3 B and Pi 3 B+ :: Build 200814 :: with Firefox, Spotify, Clash of Clans, SkyTube, Aptoide App Manager “Independent Android App Store”) and F-Droid – “Free and Open Source Android App Repository”

NEWS 200814
I’ve made a new extra version of RaspAnd 10 with some extra apps pre-installed.

ABOUT RaspAnd 10 – Build 200809 and 200814
RaspAnd 10 runs very well on a Raspberry Pi 4, 3 Model B and 3 Model B+. I.e. the system is pretty responsive if you use a micro SD card of good quality. RaspAnd 10 has the following apps pre-installed: Firefox, Spotify, Aptoide App Manager, F-Droid, Aida64 and ES File Explorer. Unfortunately not Google Play Store, but Aptoide and F-Droid work as good replacements for it. NOTE 200814: In RaspAnd 10 Build 200814 I’ve added the following apps: Lucid Launcher, Clash of Clans (still very popular), App Manager, SkyTube (An open-source YouTube app for Android) and jQuarks (LineageOS Jelly Browser with ads blocker).

1. The Desktop after first boot if Lucid Launcher (pre-installed) is used
2. The Desktop when a wallpaper is used