Linux For All (LFA) Build 220412 with Gnome 42
is a simple remaster of upcoming Ubuntu 22.04, code-named Jammy Jellyfish. It’s a total rebuild. I.e. nothing is left of the old LFA system. NOTE: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will be supported until April 2027.

NEWS ABOUT LFA Build 220412

1. All packages the ordinary Linux user can wish for are pre-installed. Study the full packages list.
2. Kernel 5.17.2-amd64-exton (with Debian patches) is used. You can of course switch to Ubuntu’s original kernel if you prefer.
3. The Desktop environment is Gnome 42. (Ubuntu’s original DE).
4. The main Web Browser is Firefox. So you can watch Netflix!
5. I have included Refracta tools (Refracta Snapshot) to make it possible for you to create your own installable Ubuntu 22.04 Live DVD once you have installed LFA to hard drive.
6. You can run LFA fast in RAM. Use boot alternative 2 Load to RAM. The LFA ISO file is of only 1470 MB to be compared with Ubuntu’s original ISO of 2900 MB.
7. VirtualBox Guest Additions are pre-installed , which means (among other things) that you can run LFA in VirtualBox in full screen. Watch this screenshot.

Screenshot 1 – LFA Gnome running in VirtualBox
Screenshot 2 – Running Samba to reach Windows computers
Screenshot 3 – Refracta Installer has started
Screenshot 4 – Running Refracta Installer and installing Grub
Screenshot 5 – Running LFA Gnome from a USB stick after I’ve made some persistent changes
Screenshot 6 – root’s Desktop in Gnome


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